Bharatiya Vidya Mandir, Amravati's

Bharatiya Mahavidyalaya, Morshi

NAAC Re-accredited B+ Grade With CGPA - 2.71


Library Rules

Library General Rules

  • The silence should be maintained in the library.

  • The mobile phones are not allowed in the library.

  • The fine will be charged @ Rs.1.00/- (rupee one) per day for delay in return of books after seven days period.

  • In case of a loss books, the students are charged with price of the book with late charges.

  • 5. Chewing of tobacco, smoking and alcohol is strictly prohibited.

  • Reference books, Theses, Dissertations, CDs, video cassettes, are not borrowed out of the library.

  • The borrowers should return borrowed books as soon as the scheduled of stocktaking is announced. Otherwise fine will be charged to them.

  • If there is any kind of misbehavior his/her membership will be cancelled.

  • Complete books are not allowed to be Xerox copied.

  • The borrowers will not to damage, mutilate or overwrite on the borrowed books/journals/ magazines.

Library General Instructions

  • The students should leave their personal belongings outside the library.

  • The college is not responsible for any loss of valuable goods and articles of the student.

  • If the damaged book is borrowed, it should be informed to library staff.

  • The students can borrow maximum 2 books for UG students and 4 books for PG students.

  • Before borrowing, the students are should check the book thoroughly Students can suggest Books, Journals, Magazines, and Periodicals for purchase/ subscription by the library. Kindly write correct information on the register available near the check point counter.

  • The student should to keep his/her I-Card with him/her while coming in the Library.

  • The students should not damage furniture or other facilities in the library.