Bharatiya Vidya Mandir, Amravati's

Bharatiya Mahavidyalaya, Morshi

NAAC Re-accredited B+ Grade With CGPA - 2.71


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Guardian Teacher Scheme

Guardian Teacher Scheme has been implemented in this college with following:

  1. To establish good sense of rapport with students so that there developed healthy Teacher- Student relationship.

  2. The teacher should act as a mentor, guide and philosopher.

  3. The teachers should interact constantly and keep themselves in contact with the students always so that problem of students regarding educational, socio-economical, health related and family related could be sort out and most possible help can be rendered to the students.


To discuss on academic, social, health awareness, importance of physical fitness, importance of yoga, students problems regarding study, study material availability, college facility, campus discipline, syllabus, status, result analysis, departmental facilities etc.

  • In this scheme there is one to one interaction with students.

  • For a batch of students, a teacher is assigned the role of Teacher-Guardian.

  • Teacher Guardian works as a friend, philosopher and guide for these students.

  • He keeps the track of every student's day-to-day activities and records daily attendance, test results, internal assessment, prelim examination results and other related information of students.

  • He encourages the students to participate in co -curricular & extracurricular activities.

  • He gives academic feedback to the parents/guardians regularly.

  • He also counsels the students to solve difficulties encountered not only in college campus but in their personal lives too.

  • Teacher guardian acts as a mentor to students and offers them emotional and academic support along with motivation.

  • The teachers of the institution take up the responsibility of safeguarding and nurturing the newly admitted students.

  • The teachers act as a buffer for the first year students and help them to get acclimatized to environment.

  • This scheme, which is perhaps the only one of its kind, guarantees additional assurance to the new comers and takes some burden off the parents and lessens their anxiety.

  • The students are free to contact the counseling service with a wide range of worries, including personal, home and family relationships, depression, anxiety and loneliness.

  • To advice students on course outcomes, learning outcomes, Course Description, Differential Assignments, Group Assignments, examination pattern, how to improve presentation in theory/practical's, books for specific topic.